Firm History

Building Design for Animals

In 1977 Wayne Usiak completed the design of his first animal hospital and also served in the capacity of Construction Manager, bidding and scheduling all subcontracts and acting as site superintendent. In 1980 he designed the conversion of a historic carriage house to a specialty veterinary practice, winning his first Veterinary Economics design award.

“I would like to say that we've been in your building for 2-1/2 years and everything still looks great and it is serving our purpose well. Its appearance always impresses visitors and I wouldn't change anything about the way it was designed.”

In 1986 Wayne founded BDA Architecture, P.C. to specialize exclusively in the design of animal care facilities. From 1986 to 1991, BDA completed the designs for over 50 veterinary facilities, winning two more Veterinary Economics design awards.

In 1996, Architect/Partner Paul Gladysz joined the firm and in 1999 Dave Gasser was recruited, becoming a Partner in 2007.

BDA Architecture, P.C. has now completed over 900 Animal Care facilities in 46 states and 12 countries. We have been awarded over 35 national design awards including five Hospitals of the year. Our in-house construction division, CMP, Inc., is the world’s only veterinary-exclusive contractor. Allow us to share our steady evolution as the world leader in Veterinary Architecture.