What We Do

Building Design for Animals

BDA projects range from 600 sq ft to 50,000 sq ft, small storefronts and renovations to multi-story freestanding buildings, and from startup practices to multi-specialist referral centers. Our business is serving veterinarians and we have a service plan that's right for each of you.

From 1,200 sq ft storefronts to 30,000 sq ft ground-up practices, we have the expertise to cater to your needs.

BDA specializes exclusively in the planning, design and construction of animal care facilities. Our projects include design considerations for all animal types ranging from companion animals and athletes to wildlife and food animals.

Project types include:

  • General practice veterinary facilities
  • Referral and specialty veterinary hospitals
  • Emergency and critical care practices
  • Renovation and leasehold veterinary projects
  • Equine and mixed animal facilities
  • Animal control and animal shelter facilities
  • Veterinary education projects
  • Zoo veterinary and research facilities
  • Animal boarding / daycare
  • International veterinary projects

Start with BDA

The earlier you start with BDA, the better your odds for success. We will lay a firm foundation to build your practice on. We analyze your practice realities against your projections. We don't begin design until the dream and the budget are in sync. BDA doesn't have projects we've designed sitting on a shelf. Our projects get built because they are firmly founded first.

Step-by-Step Services Plan

Retaining BDA is a simple step-by-step process. Each step provides you a usable product to move forward in your project development. We clearly define those steps, and you choose when to move forward, and pay for, the next step. This control allows you to select the pace of your project, but with the peace of mind that you are proceeding down a proven path for success.

Step 1: Pre-Design

Your project or site may have special needs beyond the "ordinary" project. BDA stands prepared, with a full offering of special services, to assist you in every project need, ensuring continuity in delivery and vision.

Pre-Design Services

  • Feasibility Analysis — Unsure whether to renovate, add on or build new? BDA will assist in evaluating your options and their cost/benefit advantages.
  • Site Selection — BDA will evaluate and rank alternative sites for optimal selection, or complete an in-depth due diligence study on any site(s).
  • Zoning Change, Variance, Special Use Permit — BDA will evaluate zoning requirements, then pursue the required change on your behalf.
  • Master Planning — BDA will illustrate additional development opportunities on large sites, including use, site plan layout, building placement, parking and exterior design.
  • Existing Facilities Survey — Renovation/addition clients who do not have record drawings of their facility can have BDA measure and prepare as-built drawings from which to base new designs.

Step 2: Design

It is important you receive a complete services package. It is prudent you purchase only the services you need. BDA services package is phased specifically to provide step-by-step levels of service in the order you will need them, starting and stopping both service and respective fees as you use them.

Design Services

  • Programming — Practice needs analysis, space program summary, design goals and objectives, preliminary budget.
  • Conceptual Design — Conceptual site and floor plan layouts to scale, exterior building elevations, style, major materials.
  • Schematic Design — Fully detailed architectural design drawings for floor and site plans including cabinetry and equipment layout; interior finishes; plumbing fixture locations, door and window types, etc.
  • Preliminary Municipal Approvals — At this point in project evolution, many municipalities require Site Plan Approval. BDA will prepare/coordinate required submittal drawings and assist you in retaining municipally required consultants for Civil Engineering and Landscape architecture.

Construction / Permit Documents

  • Architectural Drawings — BDA will prepare necessary architectural drawings to complete the building permit process.
  • Architectural Specifications — BDA will prepare detailed material and installation specifications for all architectural systems.
  • MEPS Engineering — BDA will retain, direct and coordinate engineers for the design of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical power, electrical lighting and structural engineering systems.

Step 3: Construction

Services During Construction

  • Permitting — BDA will address municipal comments to assist the contractor in securing a permit.
  • Bidding/Negotiation — BDA will answer all bidders' questions, and assist you in evaluating/negotiating proposals and making an award. We will provide you a standard AIA form for a construction contract.
  • Administration of Construction — BDA will remain your agent from ground break to completion, reviewing schedules, pay requests, construction progress and quality, change orders, and process all closeout paperwork through your Certificate of Occupancy.

Construction Delivery Types

You have several construction options and each carries risks and rewards. Regardless of which you select, we will remain your advocate and agent through building completion.

We will discuss with you in detail the pros and cons of the four following construction approaches, and help you select the one most appropriate for your project, your personality, and your risk tolerance.

  • Negotiated Construction – Using the architect’s estimate and drawings, a single trusted contractor provides a detailed proposal for your consideration.
  • Bidding – Typically, three pre-qualified contractors are invited to provide competitive bids based on the construction documents.
  • Cost Plus Construction – A single pre-qualified contactor is selected for construction, and an agreed-upon markup is added to each monthly invoice to cover overhead and profit. This method requires open book accounting and monitoring.
  • Design-Build – Utilizing BDA’s in-house construction division, CMP, Inc., the world’s only veterinary-exclusive contractor, this delivery option involves architect, owner and contractor from start to finish; working within a predetermined total project budget.