Why BDA?

Building Design for Animals

“Wayne Usiak and BDA promised me a Buick... they delivered a Mercedes.”


With over 1,000 successful animal care projects in 46 states and 13 countries, BDA brings unparalleled experience in addressing all the unique design issues of this specialized building type.


We listen to your goals, then focus on identifying the specific solutions that will work for your business and location. Every project is unique, and so is every BDA design.


We've never had a failure. We will define the facility size that's right to expand your business, and a budget that is financeable. Then we will strictly adhere to both.

It Won't Cost More to Use the Best

Not only due to our competitively priced services, it may in fact cost far less when you factor what a single mistake may cost you in frustration, expense, lost time and revenue.

You Will Get More of What You Need

No one in the industry gets more income producing features in less square feet than BDA.

It's Faster and Easier

Since all we do are animal facilities, there is no lost effort, dead end pursuits, or unnecessary redesigns. Our simple step-by-step process is easy to understand, provides usable deliverables after each step, and can be tailored for every size project and budget.

Business Specific Knowledge

We understand the metrics, the protocol, and the flow critical for efficiency, profitability and success.

Been There, Done That

We have already developed proven odor and acoustic control systems, plumbing/drain and cleaning systems, durable finishes and low maintenance features.