Building Design for Animals

Certainly a common trend in the past few years has been the increase in renovation projects. With resource constraints brought on by the economy, many clients have opted to improve their hospitals rather than construct new. It is important to know if your hospital is a good candidate for renovation and an experienced design team can help guide you to the best solution.

Issues beyond cost need to be considered: construction phase impact on business operations, whether the current location will support long-term goals, how much to invest in a space that may satisfy practice objectives for only a few years, which improvements will bring the greatest benefits. With over 30 years’ experience, BDA will bring the insight needed to help you make your best decisions.

We will initially assess the space as it relates to the needs for your facility. Then, thru further analysis balanced with practice and budget specifics, prepare multiple strategies to present for your consideration. If required, these strategies will include the necessary phasing plans to keep your business fully operational through construction.

Following these strategic planning efforts, we will develop the tactical plans to fully execute your project at all levels, including architectural, structural, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. Whether your project is a remodel, complex renovation, addition or adaptive re-use of a non-veterinary building, BDA will bring successful experience to your project.