Building Design for Animals

SWVS 2020 Hospital Design Satellite Session - UPDATE: SWVS has been cancelled

This year BDA will be hosting a FREE 3-hour Hospital Design Satellite Session: DESIGNING and BUILDING the FACILITY you can AFFORD and PROSPER in.

UPDATE: Unfortunately SWVS has been cancelled. We will update on the status of this event for 2021 soon. Please see the SWVS website for further details about the conference cancellation.

The Southwest Veterinary Symposium is always a great event with live sessions, interactive labs and an exhibit hall for the veterinary community. This year BDA and our construction partners CMP, Inc. will be sponsoring a Hospital Design Satellite Session within the conference that will be FREE to attendees!

The event will be a 3-hour assembly of TED-style presentations to address the concerns veterinarians must face for a successful design and construction project. The sessions, presented by leading industry experts, will be valuable for all types of projects - freestanding buildings, renovations or leaseholds. Attendees will leave with tools to move forward in their decision making, and design ideas from leading-edge facilities that they can consider incorporating.

Experts will be on-hand to provide guidance in hospital design, financing, acoustic and odor control, and contracting for construction.

What you’ll learn:

  • Designing your ideal floor plan
  • How big you should build, how much it will cost, how long it will take
  • Practice metrics to determine what your practice can afford
  • Selecting the right lender and loan
  • Assembling a successful loan package
  • Selecting and working with architects, engineers and contractors
  • Design features of today’s best hospitals
  • Achieving thermal comfort and odor & acoustic control
  • Managing a construction project while staying in business
  • Panel discussion

BDA will also be providing free 30-minute veterinary architect consultations to attendees on Friday, Saturday and Sunday following Thursday’s presentations. Speak to an architect and bring your questions, ideas and sketches!

Register at SWVS the morning of the Symposium in Room 110 or pre-register and receive a free entry into an onsite iPad giveaway HERE on our website or at