Building Design for Animals

Article by Paul Gladysz, AIA, NCARB, CSI, ICC

Shining a light on healthful hospitals

The smart use of natural illumination supports the health and happiness of patients, employees and clients.

Lighting is an important feature in every veterinary hospital. It can affect not only patients’ health, but the clients who visit with their dear pets and the staff who work in the hospital. Evidence-based design is the idea that the benefits of design choices can be measured by comparing outcomes. When used correctly, lighting can create a healing environment.

There are many ways to let the light into a hospital:

  • Daylighting through appropriately placed windows and glass

  • Skylights and light tubes

  • Borrowed light using interior windows to carry light into interior rooms

  • Clerestory windows

  • Energy-efficient LED lights set at the right “color temperature”

Besides equipping the right lighting amenities, color palettes are another thing to consider in the design of a comforting and comfortable veterinary hospital.

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