Building Design for Animals

Garland Animal Shelter & Adoption Center

The City of Garland’s animal shelter needed an update and BDA provided one in the form of this brand new and beautiful animal shelter and adoption center.

“Everything is bigger in Texas,” but the old Garland animal shelter just wasn’t big enough. With room for less than a hundred dogs and around thirty cats, and no room in the offices and administrative spaces, the overcrowded and cramped shelter needed an upgrade.

Selected for the job, BDA Architecture worked with the City to develop a design that was bright, beautiful and big enough to meet the shelter’s needs now and well into the future.

The brand-new 23,000 square foot animal shelter has more than doubled the number of animals it can take in while also adding administrative and community spaces. In the new facility, 224 dogs and 141 cats can now be housed in their own separate spaces. The canine areas feature glass door runs and cages, while the feline areas include kitty condos with separate litter compartments.

To help bolster adoptions, the new facility features meeting and bonding rooms, as well as large adoption suites. There are also 6 outdoor covered play yards for canines and 2 indoor/outdoor feline play rooms.

Public spaces feature 3 separate lobbies to help regulate traffic flow; an adoption lobby, a surrender/reclaim lobby, and a medical lobby. There is a large community room for hosting public and educational events and also a volunteer room.

For medical care and treatment, the new facility includes a 3-table surgery suite with a treatment/surgery prep area. There is also an imaging area, separate canine and feline isolation rooms and a clinical/recovery ward.

Administrative spaces include offices for shelter and medical staff, lounge space, administrative offices and storage spaces.

Animal services facilities include separate canine and feline holding areas, quarantine, maternity rooms, storage, and an enclosed sally port/garage for vehicle unloading and intake.

With a beautiful exterior, brightly lit and playfully colored interior, and natural daylighting featured throughout, the new Garland Animal Shelter & Adoption Center was designed to meet the needs of the City, boost animal adoptions, and promote the health and happiness among the animals, shelter staff and visitors.

Take a photo video tour of the new shelter on BDA’s YouTube channel

And checkout this video put together by the City of Garland