Building Design for Animals

Article by Paul Gladysz, AIA, NCARB, CSI, ICC

Design for Millenials

Young people act, buy and are focused differently compared to the older generations. So how can a veterinary hospital connect with them?

Something to consider: Millennials have more pets per capita than any other demographic, yet they are among the worst users of veterinary services.

How can the veterinary practice owner change this trend and invite in these clients? If you plan to build or renovate a clinic, you might want to think about how the hospital could enhance the millennial experience.

There are many different elements that a hospital can incorporate to reach these clients that good building design can help facilitate. Building a relationship and making the experience worthwhile are the keys; keeping your approach client-centric is how to reach the younger generation.

Things such as:

  • Exam rooms that allow a doctor to explain the complexities of a patient exam to their client, thereby creating an interaction with the client that is educational and demonstrative of expertise.
  • Incorporating stress-reducing features within the hospital such as separate canine and feline areas, sound-dampening acoustics, scent and odor management and appropriate animal housing.
  • Spaces to promote client connections like media rooms to hold digital consultations and craft educational videos.
  • Covered drop-offs, large entryways and reception-greeter stations to meet clients and start taking care of them and their pets from moment one of their arrival.

While Baby Boomers seem to think the next generation is a bit spoiled and hasn’t had to pay its dues Millennials are the new consumers and their approach to life and buying is centered around the experience. Life is meant to be enjoyed now, not just at retirement. Day-to-day life is just as important as what we do on weekends and vacation.

Millennials want their experiences to work toward that end and businesses choosing to ignore the rising force of younger generations do it at substantial risk.

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